Amateur radio contact with landing site for paratroopers in Netherlands on Market Garden

I had the pleasure of working  a ham radio station in Holland that has set up a portable station at the site of the 82nd Airborne landing during the invasion of Holland in the Market Garden invasion. I wrote to one of the radio operators, Jan, PB0AEZ, the station call letter for Market Garden was PA70OMG (special call letter, PA means, Netherlands, 70, for the 70th anniversary and OMG for Operation Market Garden.)

Jan posted an email that I sent to them during the operation, you can see it here.

I also sent him a photo of my father on the day before they parachuted into Holland, you can see that here. There is also a photo of my father with Col. Krause, he is the trooper with the radio backpack.

Blanchard_Sept44 BAR015